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Briefly About Us

We are professionals with over 2 decades of rich experience in Instructional Designing, Curriculum Design, ILT and Corporate E-learning Content Design and Development, Teaching, Training, Educational Content Designing and Content Production.

We are proficient in Adult Learning Principles and applying the same in designing content. We carry the expertise in all phases of ADDIE and in using Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructions and developing interactive learning material for Learners.

We carry the experience in designing instructional content for various sectors like Banking and Finance, Automotive sector, Retail sector, Agricultural Sector, Pharmaceutical sectors, NBFCs.

Learning Management System (LMS)

We provide the best of breed, integrated technology solution to enable any model of online learning. From live online classes to self-learning courses, assessments, and advanced video content management, you can do it all in our platform under one login. The platform is designed to engage and develop your employees.



Subject Matter
Instructional Design
Content Development


Attention to Details
t’s crucial to consider all the details as one of them may be the key to the whole project.
We provide all our clients with guiding mentor who will be helping with the project.
Startuppers are our main work direction and all our efforts are concentrated in guiding them.
Our long-term experience shows higher outputs of our mentees and their business projects.

Managerial effectiveness through

Leadership Development Programs

Training as usual in virtual environment!