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Introduction To WordPress

WordPress is one of the leading Content Management System (CMS) that is widely used for building websites and blog posts across the globe. WordPress is an opensource software that offers features to build cost-effective websites.

This is one of our premium vocational training programs that help you building websites be it for making an extra income or a full-time profession.

This course is about building a website using WordPress. No coding is required.


WordPress - Next Steps

In the module 'Introduction to WordPress', we learned how to build a website on our own using the powerful features of WordPress.

How about we add some features? Say, you want to create a popup to get the attention of the site visitor or you may like to add more visual effects to your site content.

As a site administrator, you carry the responsibility of keeping a backup version of your site content to protect from attacks and means to prevent site hacking.

Our second module in the series, "WordPress - Next Steps" addresses these requirements.

Introduction To Joomla

Joomla is another Opensource Content Management System (CMS). Websites built on Joomla can be used as a website for the public to know about the company and as an intranet site for the employees of the company to connect and access the internal documents.

With its feature-rich extensions, Joomla is suitable for building simple E-learning platforms on a variety of courses with lessons (text, audio, video) quizzes, and certification.

IKEA.com, liptoneicetea.com,holidayinn.com are some of the famous sites built on Joomla


Quantitative Aptitude

Being quick on numbers and calculations is an ability that qualifies a candidate, be it for a job or securing a seat in the aspired course, or getting into a good graduate school.

Our online course on Aptitude takes you through the subject step by step. We start with introductory modules and then take you through the application of methods to solve questions in less time. The course will then move to understanding and interpreting data.

We understand individual differences and make the subject interesting for everyone.

Learning mathematics becomes fun when you learn short cuts, tips, and tricks to solve questions. Yes, it's fun!


Have you ever wondered what the significance of reasoning in the recruitment process could be? 

Aptitude tests are of many types and the tests are created based on the job that you will be placed at.  For example, an aircraft pilot may require certain skills that are different from those of the front line of infantry.

By and large for all jobs, a certain level of skills on reasoning are expected.  The tests are carefully designed to meet the end objective.


Attention to Details
 Our step by step approach makes the learner understand dos and don'ts while building a website.
We provide all our participants with a guiding mentor who will be helping them with the project.
We understand individual differences and workout methods to make learning a pleasurable experience. 
Capstone Projects
Our Capstone project helps the participant in applying the knowledge to work on a simulated project.

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